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Brass Grease Nipples

Metric, British & American Threads Grease Nipples : All threads BSP NPT metric BSW on our fittings are rolled and cold formed for superior strength. These are as per the required International standards applicable to respective grease fittings – DIN, JIS, IS, BS or SAE.

Thread forming Grease Nipples Grease fittings : The taper angle and thread profile of these fittings are special. Also the threads are hardened. They are designed for use in untapped holes (thus saving cost of tapping). When screwed in, they are meant to cut and form a thread in the untapped hole, resulting in a leak proof fitment. These may also be pressed straight into untapped holes. Worn out or damaged thread forming fittings can be replaced with standard threaded fittings, or by another thread forming thread fitting.

Thread forming thread fittings are manufactured as per DIN 71412-1987 and as per SAE -J534 1998 standards.

Drive Grease Nipples Fittings : These fittings are used for low or medium pressure applications. They are pressed into drilled holes, thus saving the cost of tapping. They have serrations instead of threads on their shank, to provide a secure grip. Also, these fittings can be used to replace a regular fitting which needs replace

Material:Brass  – BS 2872 CZ 112.
Steel   – EN1
Finish:Natural, Electro-Tin, Chrome or Nickel plated.
Sizes:As per specifications.