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Brass Machined Components Machined Parts

Brass Machined Components Machined Parts brass CNC Screw machine parts and cnc machining is widely-used throughout the globe. Brass generally refers to Copper alloys where the primary alloying material beside Copper is Zinc Our range of precision Brass components precision tuned parts precision CNC components is exported to 24 countries including USA, UK, Germany and France.

  • Brass and Copper Advantages :
  • High Density
  • Tighter mechanical and dimensional Tolerance
  • More Corrosion Resistant
  • Higher and better Clean Smooth Finish
  • Highly Repeatable and easy to machine
  • Better Electrical Conductivity
  • Non-sparking properties
  • Industries served with Brass Components Brass Screw machine products CNC screw machine parts :
  • Electrical industry switchgears control panels relays Transformers
  • Grounding and earthing components CNC machined parts
  • Automotive and car industry
  • Hydraulics hose and pneumatic fittings
  • Brass Copper Stainless Steel and Aluminum Screw machine parts and products
  • Threaded plumbing fittings pipe fittings
  • Fasteners Brass Fixings and general CNC machine components and parts