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Brass Washers Copper Washers

They may seem unimportant, but washers are an important part of any project. Not only do they act as a smooth barrier to reduce friction between two surfaces, but washers can also act as a spring, a locking device, and a wear pad. We ensure you get the best quality washers with consistent raw material and dimensions within acceptable industry standards. We offer a wide range of custom-made washers, such as flat washers, Belleville washers, and locking washers. They come available in brass, stainless steel and spring steel.

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of DIN 125 Copper Washers Brass Flat Washers Brass Plain Washers Brass Chamfered type B washers ( machined Washers) and pressed type A washers from our factory in Jamnagar India. These Copper Washers Flat washers to DIN 125 are produced on power presses of high accuracy within prescribed ISO tolerances. Brass DIN 125 type B washers are machined on automatic lathes and screw machines. Our range of Brass punched washers, Brass plain washers, Brass Metric Washers, Brass flat washers, Brass pressed washers ,Brass machined washers to Din 125 and DIN 126.

  • Plain Brass Copper washers to BS 4320: 1968 DIN 125, 433 and 9021.
  • Also available special pressed parts pressings and deep drawn components , pressings and parts for Switchgears, Transformers, Elevators, Heaters and other electromechanical applications.
  • Pressing upto 5mm thickness can be provided on 400 tonnes press.
  • DIN Pan Head Brass machine Screws- DIN 85
Material:Brass Copper Stainless Steel Pressed Parts Pressings press Work