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Brass Wood Screws

A Brass Wood screw is a screw designed for a wood or a similar material, with a point, a relatively coarse thread, a thick shank, and, usually, an unthreaded portion of the shank at the head end. Brass Wood Screws Brass Round Head Wood screws Brass Countersunk Head Wood Screws Stainless Steel Wood Screws are used mainly for the furniture industry.

We offer CSK Flat head Wood Screws Round head Slotted wood screws from all sizes up to number 12.

203/4″ ******* 
251″  *******
301.1/4″   ******
351.1/2″   ******
502″   ******
602.1/2″     ****
753″     ****
1004″       **
Material for Brass Wood Screws:Brass Cold heading quality Brass Wire
Finish of Brass Wood Screws:Brass Wood Screws Fasteners are Brass natural, Electro-Tinned, Nickel etc.
Process of manufacturing of Brass Wood Screws:Cold heading and slotting
Standards of Brass Wood Screws:DIN 95, DIN 96 , DIN 97 BS 1210 1963 etc.