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Cable Sealing End Caps PVC End Caps

Cable end sealing caps, heat shrink end caps, cable end sealing cap, bus bar insulation shrouds, heat shrinkable four way cable breakout, heat shrinkable right angle boot, heat shrink tube, cold shrink, cross linked polyolefin, insulation caps, end caps, rain sheds, cable termination kits ,heat shrinkable tubing, dip moulding, Low voltage breakout, Cable Accessorie, India.

  • Cable End Sealing Caps are :
  • Suitable for Power Cables, Telecom Cables, Jelly Filled Cables & Optic Fibre Cable Compatible with most commonly used Cable Jackets i.e XLPE, PVC, PILC or Rubber Sheathed.
  • Quick & foolproof installation using simple tools.
  • A strong & permanent enviornmental seal.
  • Excellent resistance to weathering, moisture contamination & adverse environmental conditions.
  • Special adhesive lining provides seal on irregular cable sheaths.
  • Valved end Cap available for pressurized application.

All dimensions are in mm

BEC 001124332.34 – 8
BEC 101207.5552.58 – 16
BEC 2014015903.315 – 35
BEC 30155251253.825 – 47
BEC 40175351403.835 – 68
BEC 501100451604.045 – 90
BEC 601130601604.664 – 120
BEC 701158601654.664 – 145
Specification (As per ASTM Standards) :
Heat Shrink Material:Cross Linked Polyolefin
Tensile Strength:12 N/mm² (MPA)
Density:1.20 gm/cm³
Hardness:50 Shore D
Thermal Ageing:10% drop in physical properties
Water Absorption:<0.2%
Chemical Resistance:To dilute acids & alkalies, Salts etc.
Continuous Temperature limit:-40°C to 125°C
Shrink Temperature:125°C
Installation Procedure :
  • Clean the cable surface & place the End Cap over the Cable End. On new cable, surface cleaning is not necessary.
  • Heat the end seal with a kerosene or gas torch, starting from the closed end towards the open end.
  • When the end cap is fully shrunk the sealant will flow out the end cap indicating that the seal is completed. Allow to cool.