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Stainless Steel Hose Barbs

We are one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Stainless steel hose barbs 304 and 316 Stainless Steel hose barbs hose barbed connectors NPTF Stainless steel hose barbs NPT hose barbs BSP hose barbs connectors. We produce all our Hose barbs from Stainless steel solid bars with no chance of porosity as seen in casting. We use go and not go thread gauges to check all our NPT and NPTF dryseal threads. 

Features of Stainless Steel hose barbs :

  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and atmosphere
  • High strength due to Stainless Steel 316 material
  • Finely machined NPT and NPTF threads
  • Heavy bar stock on all our Stainless Steel hsoe connectors and hose barbed fittings
  • Good for polyprolene hoses flexible rubber and Teflon hoses
  • Barbs machined with perfect degree to give better grip fo shank on the hose
Part No.NPT NPTF ThreadsHose Shank DIa Hose ID
SSHB 1211/8″1/8″
SSHB 1221/4″1/4″
SSHB 1231/4″3/8″
SSHB 1243/8″38″
SSHB 1253/8″1/2″
SSHB 1261/2″1/2″
SSHB 1273/4″3/4″
SSHB 1283/4″1″
SSHB 1291″1″
SSHB 13011/4″11/4″
SSHB 13111/2″11/2″
SSHB 1322″2″